EQI aims to be one of the first banks in the world to offer custody services for digital assets




EQI is one of the first banks in the world to offer custody services for cryptocurrency and digital assets. The custody service is designed for HNWIs and institutional clients like hedge funds, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds, which may be required by law to store their digital assets with a licensed custodian such as a bank. Driven by investors that are not willing to accept the low level of security provided by unregulated cryptocurrency and digital asset custodians, EQI’s Custody Service is a global first in this new, specialized and complex market.



Cryptocurrency and digital assets under custody are secured to full banking standards. EQI provides AES-256 encryption, preset account limits, audited statements, full internal and external compliance oversight, multiple signature facilities and whitelisting IPs.

Multiple Asset Classes

EQI will provide custody services for all major cryptocurrency and digital assets. EQI will provide a multi-market, multi-currency and multi-language approach to provide a full-service solution.

24/7 Service 

EQI will provide 24/7 client service by telephone and video conference. EQI offers guaranteed response times for transfer and trade instructions.


✓ Licensed and regulated bank
✓ Safe storage of digital assets
✓ Fast and timely transaction settlements
✓ ISO 20022 and proprietary data exchange formats in STP mode
✓ Hold-release, netting, partial settlement, linking and settlement tolerance
✓ Multi-status chart of accounts with double entry rule, allowing for full tracking of assets under custody
✓ Individual services adjusted to meet client’s needs and characteristic features
✓ High level of service provided by qualified specialists in custody services
✓ Competitive and flexible fee-related policy
✓ Withdrawals can be completely locked, drastically limiting risk
✓ Zero Hash requires ‘whitelisting’ of all deposit and withdrawal addresses
✓ Hard-coded time delays to change and update withdrawal limits, locks, and addresses
✓ Multi-signature authorization



Benefits for EQI Token Holders:

  • Only EQI Token holders are eligible to open custody accounts
  • EQI Token holders receive discounted fees
  • EQI Tokens can be used to settle fees