The EQI Token is considered to be a utility token. The EQI Token is designed to provide one of the most comprehensive setof benefits of any cryptocurrency




EQI Membership

Anyone can hold EQI Tokens for personal use, investment or payments. EQI Token holders are also eligible to become members, subject to passing EQICheck and depositing the minimum balance of 5,000 tokens into the bank’s escrow account, thus removing them from circulation. For a member to upgrade their level of membership, they must bind the relevant additional number of tokens to the bank’s escrow account.

All banks charge fees (account opening, debit and credit cards, annual maintenance, wire transfer fees, audit confirmations, bank references, wire transfer fees, FX fees). EQI aims to revolutionize private banking by removing barriers of entry and making the benefits of private banking available to EQI members at discounts over any other bank.

All exchanges charge some form of fees (for trades, margin lending or the listing of ICOs). EQI intends to bring certainty to the exchange market by providing transparent and open fee structures, specifically designed for institutional investors, high-frequency traders and ICOs.


The lender will pay EQI a flat fee of 10% of the interest earned on each loan regardless of their membership level. However, theamountof loans that any borrower or lender may enter into at any time will be basedon their level of membership.

Members will need to hold the required number of EQI Tokens in escrow toborrow or lend. If a member holds 25,000 EQI Tokens in Escrow atJuly 1, then they are entitled to the privileges of a Gold member for the 3rd Quarter. If they originate $1 million in loans that mature on December 31 of that year, then the smart contract will not allow them to recall their tokens from the escrow at September 30, as their membership level will need to match the existing loans they are participating in. However, if in the above example the member only had a total of $500 thousand in loan issuance, then they would be able to recall 15,000 of their EQI Tokens on September 30. Thiswould result in them having Silver membership status during the 4th quarter, which is a sufficient level for the $500 thousand in loan origination (calculated as the amount of principal outstanding at the start of the quarter).

This service is designedfor HNWIs and institutional clients like hedge funds, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds, whomay be required to store their digital assets with a licensed custodian such as a bank.

The minimum balance of the equivalent of $5 million is requiredat the time of entering into the custody agreement, however, the fluctuation in the exchange rate between $ and the relevant crypto will not be causefor the member to need to deposit additional cryptos into their EQI custody account.

Custody services are only available to Antimatter, Diamond, Platinum and Gold members, meaning that a member must hold a minimum of 25,000 EQI Tokens in escrow. The authorized owner will not be able to recall those tokens from the special account until the end of a quarter in which the member is no longer utilizing EQI’s custody services.

A member who is using the insured wallet offering would not be eligible to remove EQI Tokens from the escrow account at a quarter end if to do so would reduce their EQI escrow balance below 50,000 EQI Tokens (i.e.Platinum membership minimum).

A Member who is using the insured vault offering would not be eligible to remove EQI Tokens from the Escrow account ata quarter end if to do so would reduce their EQI escrow balance below 25,000 EQI Tokens (i.e.Gold Membership minimum). Furthermore, EQI Tokens will be a medium of paying fees and services anda member may choose.


EQI is committed to the aims of aspiring and established entrepreneurs in technology, blockchain, cryptocurrency and financial services. EQI will provide global multi-currency banking solutions with instantaneous payment to members.   From a client perspective, the benefit of instant payments is the ability to make time-sensitive payments immediately, wherever and whenever necessary. The implementation of instant payments may also provide the basis for service enhancements and value-added services for entrepreneurs, allowing them to be more efficient, profitable and competitive.

EQI’s Discounted Fees and Increased Limits

Members will receive discounted fees (“Rebates”) across various lines of business, designed to create one of the world’s most competitive financial services institutions. Within 30 days of the quarter-end, the member will receive a statement breaking down the total fees charged to said member across the different lines of business during the quarter (“Fee Statement”). The Fee Statement will also include a summary of the Rebates earned by the member across each line of business.