EQI owns its first licensed bank to offer a fully integrated cryptocurrency exchange, enabling clients to seamlessly trade, exchange, borrow, lend, vault and transfer cryptocurrencies.

EQI will provide one of the world’s most advanced centralized cryptocurrency exchanges for high volume, liquidity and quality cryptocurrencies. In 2019, EQI aims to offer a series of digitized assets. Transforming physical assets into tradable digital assets creates liquidity and lowers barriers to entry in asset classes dominated by institutional investors that have hitherto not engaged with cryptocurrency exchanges.

Bank Proven Trading Platform

EQI’s Exchange offers an intuitive interface with real-time order books, charting tools, trade history, and a simple order process so you can trade from day one.

ICO Listing Service

ICOs will be listed in line with the highest international standards and provide underwriting services.


✓  First bank to offer cryptocurrency trading

✓  Throughput of one million transactions per second

✓  Offers high-frequency cryptocurrency trading

✓  Provides spot trading and margin trading

✓  20+ advanced order types – including Iceberg, Post Only, OCO and TrailingOrders

✓  Advanced order routing, order lifecycle management and market risk settings

✓  Dispute resolution

✓  Settlement services between EQI national currency bank accounts and EQI

✓  Support for multiple asset classes

Benefits for EQI Token Holders:

  • EQI Tokens are intended to act as a medium of exchange on EQI’s Exchange
  • EQI Tokens can be used to settle fees
  • EQI Token holders are eligible to receive discounted fees
  • EQI Token holders receive priority access to token sales